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On First Friday, MENSK provides an alternative experience to the gallery, for both artists and the appreciating public. We rent a U-Haul truck for a day and let an artist tranform it into a unique environment for the public to experience. Theater groups, photographers, dance troupes, 2D artists, installation artists, performance artists, bands.. all are welcome and encouraged to exercise their creativity:

Download PDF application here.

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First Friday Truck Shows - Past Work

Portland Maine Film Festival: Blueberryland by Melissa Davenport Portland Maine Film Festival: Melissa Davenport

October 2012


Clint Fulkerson: "Painting in the Future Perfect"

June 2012



Mike Rich and Martha Fournier: "Mandala"

November 2011



Marques Bostic: "Our Digital Landscape"

June 2011

Mariah Bergeron:

May 2011


Amy Jorgensen: "The Heart Compartment"

March 2011


Sean OBrien:

February 2011

MENSK Collaboration: "The Memory Walk"

November 2010

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