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MENSK is a fiscal sponsoring organization that supports local projects which are either too small or too time-bound to necessitate a standalone 501(c)(3) umbrella organization.

The mission of MENSK is to inspire and support personal, local, and regional action for the development of creative and sustainable communities. Goals to encourage grass roots networking and act as a platform for community members to creatively inter-relate.  To offer logistical support.  To broaden and enhance individual and community perspectives and involvement.  To promote the conversation of energy and the reliance on sustainable resources and increase the awareness of the interconnectivity of transportation, agriculture, vocation, recreation, art, our community and ourselves.  We do all this through event orchestration providing community resources, and by acting as an umbrella organization.  

Collaboration, more time, Collaboration!

Current Projects





Past Projects

Portland Summer Films

Portland Food Council

Portland Rooftop Films

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